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Tweak Your Attic

Add Extra Living Space to Your Home

If you are looking for a way to add some value and space to your home, then transforming the attic into living space is a great solution. This article will cover how you can take advantage of unused space in your house by turning it into something useful and comfortable. Interior Design Weymouth discuss what other things need to be taken care of before the transformation is complete, like insulation as well as getting rid of any mold or mildew that may not have been visible before.

The article then discusses how to go about removing the insulation, debris and old materials from the space.
Once everything had been removed, we installed new wallboard with a moisture barrier over it so that any water vapor won’t be able to penetrate inside of your home’s living area.

Interior Design Weymouth

We also added a layer on top of this for an extra measure against unwanted leaks or accidental punctures in your walls. Next came out installation of fiberglass batts which provide excellent soundproofing as well as great thermal protection (the best type if you are using natural gas heaters). **This helps keep the attic warm without having to put up expensive heating units like some people do when they have finished their attics but still want to stay warm.

Finally the attic was ready for use! The best part is that we left it as open space so you can do anything with it that you want.

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