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Choosing the right grass for your garden is a complicated process. There are many factors to consider, such as how much light it will be exposed to and what type of surface you want it on. If you choose artificial grass, there are mistakes that you should avoid at all costs!

Mistake One: Setting up the grass in a shady spot. Artificial Grass is not designed to grow and thrive in shade, that’s why it needs direct light. If you put artificial grass in a shady area, it will die very quickly- usually within just weeks or months!

A good place for your new artificial lawn would be next to an open window where natural sunlight can shine through and reach its roots each day.

Mistake Two: Installing the synthetic turf on uneven ground without leveling out the surface first. Your garden may have been perfectly level before installing fake turf but if there are any bumps or dips, they could create problems with drainage because water doesn’t flow away easily from high areas down low ones like it does on a level surface.

This is also more likely to happen when the ground has been dug up for laying new pipes or cables, and it will cause your grass to wear out much quicker because of all the strain on one side.

Artificial Grass
Mistake Three: Not correctly maintaining artificial grass with regular hosing off after rainfall or if there’s a spillage near by. Just like any other type of outdoor flooring, you need to clean your fake lawn regularly- particularly in hot climates where dust builds up easily thanks to rainstorms that would normally help wash away dirt from natural surfaces!

It’s best not just to hose water over the synthetic turf but spray down each individual blade using a trigger nozzle so they can be soaked through properly without creating puddles that will attract dirt or wildlife.

Mistake Four: Forgetting to buy a grass protector before laying it down on the ground. Artificial turf needs protection from UV rays as much as natural grass does, and this will help prolong its lifespan significantly! If you don’t cover your fake lawn with these outdoor protectors it’s going to start fading out in just two years- but if you do, then it’ll last up to six times longer than usual!

The best time of day for installation is midday when the sun can’t reach underneath because artificial surfaces are very sensitive and easily damaged by heat too close to their surface.

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